Tiffany & Co. & Frank Gehry Jewellery Launch, Hong Kong

When one of the world’s most inventive, pioneering and non-traditional architects designs a jewellery collection for Tiffany & Co., exhibiting the pieces in conventional glass display cases isn’t going to cut the mustard. Famous for his dynamic, sensuous detail and interlocking building formations, Gehry’s jewellery, like his architecture, is rooted in substance and structure, exploring the expressive potential of metal, wood and stones. So, when tasked with launching this exquisite collaboration in Hong Kong, Orient created an industrial space full of raw materials, flowing forms and sleek and curving details, reflective of both the jewellery on display and Gehry’s architecture itself. Moss, wood, plants, metal, pebbles, tinted water, leatherwork and lighting effects created an engineered, yet organic environment in which the jewellery - including fish-inspired earrings, gate-style bracelets and angular stone bangles carved completely from one piece of marble - were complemented, contrasted and showcased by the surroundings.