The Forest Unlimited Festival, Hong Kong

This two-year initiative planned for 2017-2018 will feature 18 new multi-disciplinary works created in collaboration with local Hong Kong and international practitioners from the fields of dance, theatre, film and music. Collaborators already on board include Jay-Z’s record label StarRoc and international dance company, the Akram Khan Company. The festival aims to seed connections between artists and art forms, generate new original works, showcase the enormous range of career opportunities on- and off-stage, and engage new audiences to experience the arts in accessible, non-traditional environments at affordable prices. Throughout the initial germination period, the public will have access to the ongoing creative process, with artists, costume designers, technicians, sound engineers and performers uploading their progress to digital platforms and running master classes and mentorship programmes, both in person and online. There will be teaser performances throughout – expect orchestras in the streets and open rehearsals - with the whole project coming to fruition in an eight-week-long festival in an outdoor location in Hong Kong.